Limited Mattress Warranty
This Limited Mattress Warranty extends to mattresses made by LADY AMERICANA (M) SDN. BHD. (CO.50922-K), purchased directly from our website at

Your new LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) mattress is covered by a Ten (15) years Limited Warranty for mattress.

This Limited Mattress Warranty extends to the original purchaser of any LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) mattresses who is located in Malaysia. All LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) warranties, including any implied warranties, are valid only for the period of time the mattress is owned by the original purchaser. The “original purchaser,” for the purposes of this Mattress Warranty, is the first purchaser of the mattress from LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia). Please retain a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase. Receipt will be issued when you have completed your purchase. All LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) Limited Warranty are not transferable.

To enjoy this Limited Mattress Warranty, customer should complete the online warranty registration within 30 days of delivery.

LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) warrants the mattress in its original packaging sold to you against the defects in material and workmanship set forth below (“defects”) from the time your mattress is purchased by you, when the mattress is used normally for its intended purposes in the home and on a bed base that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the mattress and user.

This Limited Mattress Warranty applies to the following defects:

  • Deterioration that caused the mattress to have a visible indentation greater than 5cm. This should not be associated with an indentation or sag which is the results of using an unsupportive bed base foundation.
  • Any physical flaw in the mattress, a manufacturing defect in nature, including structural flaws in the mattress causing the foam materials to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.

This Limited Mattress Warranty does not cover the following:

  • A normal body wear and tear impression that increases in softness of the foam pressure-relieving material which does not affect the pressure-relieving qualities of the mattress.
  • Structural damage to the mattress caused by using an improper bed frame or foundation.
  • Individual comfort preference by firmness & comfort.
  • Sheet fit.
  • Transportation costs.
  • Damages resulting from soiling, unsanitary conditions due to blood or bodily fluids and stains, improper or unapproved cleaning methods, fading or other damages resulting from exposure to sunlight, damages resulting from household humidity or damages resulting from any liquid, including but not limited to liquid damage, burns, cuts, tears, prolong sitting on the edge of the mattress, folding or jumping on the mattress that result damaging the mattress structure or stains. CAUTION: Any use of improper or unapproved cleaning methods voids all warrants of LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) products.
  • Problem caused by natural disaster e.g. fire, flood, etc.
  • Residual of lint, thread or fire fabric caused by using high powered vacuum or blower.
  • Damage caused by commercial use.
  • The mattress dimensions within the accepted tolerance of +/- 3 cm on the published size.
  • Improper washing, drying or high temperature treatment causing the mattress to deform or damage.
  • When you unwrapped the mattress after one month from the date of delivery or date of received.
  • Odour, some mattress may have its natural odour.
  • Mattress used out of Malaysia.
  • Minor manufacturing discrepancies or cosmetic flaws.
  • The mattress zip and mattress cover.

In order to benefit of the Limited Warranty for LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) mattress, please return your mattress to LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) with its original packaging and provide LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) with the proof of the date of purchase.

Please ensure that within 100 days trial period for mattress warranty claim, transportation payment must be completed. Please comply with this requirement within the given time frame or this may result in the closing of your warranty case automatically.

In the event of a defect, it is LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia)’s sole and exclusive liability and your sole remedy under this Limited Mattress Warranty will be, at LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) option, i.e., to provide a repaired or replacement mattress.

If you wish to replace your mattress with a higher specification mattress (an “Upgrade Mattress”), then let us know by emailing to LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) at at the end of this limited Mattress Warranty. You will be required to pay the difference between the original purchase price of the mattress and that of the Upgrade Mattress, plus the cost of any related additional cost necessary for such Upgrade Mattress.

Limited Warranty Claims:

  1. If a problem arises which you feel is covered by these Limited Warranties, contact us at with your order number, picture of defects and reason of Warranty claim to be filed within the applicable warranty period, to satisfy the Limited Warranty requirements.
  2. LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) will process your Warranty claim, evaluate and approve or reject of the claim request (case by case).

Once your Limited Warranty claim is approved during the warranty period, the transportation costs for collection and delivering the replacement warranty product will be borne by the customer (RM250.00 within Klang Valley, RM350.00 in Peninsular Malaysia.

LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) will arrange with Delivery Team to collect the defective warranty product and arrange a redelivery of the new replacement within a timely manner subjected to the delivery location.

In case the model or material is not available for a replacement, LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) reserve the right to substitute a comparable model or material, and any price difference shall be borne by the customer. Repaired or replaced warranty product is subject to the same Warranty as the original product, such that its warranty term begins on the delivery or collection date of the original product that was purchased.

LADY AMERICANA (Malaysia) reserve the right to vary and amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice and without having to disclose any reasons therefore and without any compensation whatsoever.